London, Paris, Broughty Ferry.

A few images of what I've been upto recently. Work's been busy. Must try harder in future. Sorry. Enjoy.



Also, over the last few months I've been part of archiGRAD. Have a look at what we do...



Northumberland coastline, Edinburgh and Gateshead

A few quick sketches done out and about.


Pub quiz

When a pub gives you paper and pencils there's nothing you can do but draw. Here is an example of such activities. I'm so sorry guys...

Although I believe the original is now in the Bown collection. Fame at last, hey?

We didn't win the quiz, the football round was our downfall. I think we got full marks in the literature round though.


Back in Gateshead

Back in Gateshead for a project with GRAD, so thought I'd share this page of my sketchbook.

Katie's house

Sorry it's been a bit quiet, I've been skiing... and then busy being an injured person...

This sketch is of Katie's house in Wendover where I stayed on the way to and on the way home from the Alps. It's a great row of thatched cottages that Henry VIII gave to Anne Boleyn as a wedding present.




Reinvigorating the region

A couple of weeks ago I visited Reinvigorating the region a RIBA North East exhibition and these are a couple of sketches I did of some of the amazing models. It was really exciting to see models of buildings I see everyday.

The building in Gosforth is the one you see from alot of the city and I had no idea it was on pilotis. I think someone (I can't remember the architect) had been looking at their Le Corb picture book but it works great. That bit of height means everyone can have a view across the Town Moor. Although I'm not sure how it works with its immediate context of 2 story 1920-30's houses...?

The Apollo Pavilion by Pasmore was modeled by a couple of friends and has quite an interesting story to it. It's in the middle of a housing estate with some very mediocre houses surrounding it. The people who lived there wanted it knocked down as it has become a place for 'trouble makers' to gather but the architect wanted the houses knocked down so his pavilion would be even more beautiful. I like the mix, the pavilion probably wouldn't exist without the houses. It makes alot more sense in the photo than the sketch...


The smugness of getting something in the post early.

Not to sound like a 5 year old, but I'm really excited about Christmas this year. Alot more that I usually am. I think the reason for this is there are no big hurdles standing in the way. There are no final crits, no bits of dissertation to submit, no bits of coursework. Nothing.

This has given me plenty of time to think about Christmas cards. I actually got the idea from a three year old who did the same thing but I've made it my own. It started with a drawing of a reindeer, which upon reflection looks a bit like a cow.
Then there was a hand print. Warm blue, warm yellow, warm red and a spot of burnt umber were my colours of choice.
And another... but without the burnt umber.
And then the whole thing had a trip though Photoshop and inDesign and I had that nice smug feeling I'd sent my cards off good and early.